Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Prayer Request

I do voiceover work for WKCT radio in Bowling Green, KY. I do this for the opportunity it gives me to share a God-centered message on a news/talk radio station. As a trade for my work they give me airtime to contribute my own commercials.

This is one that I have just sent them and it should be aired soon. Please pray that God would be honored and would use it in a mighty way. It is a bit more direct than other commercials I have offered in the past. Thanks!


Tammy S said...

Amazing job! I loved it!
Tammy Shaffer

Charlotte said...

How great is it that you are allowed to speak a message that will change hearts? Will be praying for your message as well as those that will hear it.
God bless you!

Ben said...

Great audio and message! Thanks for using your training and God-given talents to get the gospel out to southcentral KY.