Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Wander As I Wonder

I Wander As I Wonder

No purpose of the Lord can be thwarted. That’s what Job said as the great calamities of his life came to an end, human reasoning was put aside and he turned to God for help and comfort.

Except, his turning to God wasn’t gentle. No, initially it looked more like demanding than turning. Job said that many men would listen to him and receive his wisdom. He said that there were many who would simple walk away heeding his advice after he spoke. He thought God was going to do this as well. He believed God should clearly display His reasoning for the sorrow that had come and grant Job full understanding.

God did not.

No, God took Job on a long journey through the creation pointing out the beauty and majesty of the land, sea and skies. Could Job truly feed the goats on the highest and most remote span of mountains? Could Job swim to the depths and tame the mightiest fish in the sea? Could he bring the rain or snow in their proper time?

It is true that Job suffered much. It is true that initially he remained steadfast in his faith. But even Job wandered from his security in God’s goodness as his friends cast doubt on his belief. Yet, there is kindness after the storm. After his friends finished their homilies, Job was left to wonder. And, yes, there was time when his wondering caused him to wander.

But God came to his aid.

God did not provide answers though. He did not give reasons as to why such great tragedy had occurred. Instead, He provided evidence of His sovereignty. He provided proof of His greatness. It was enough for Job.

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