Monday, October 12, 2009

Building the Future

I had lunch with my kindergartner for the first time today at Highland Elementary School. I've been to several programs at school and dropped her and her brothers off every day, but I have never encountered a moment like today. Since I was considered a special guest we had the opportunity to sit at a private table in the back of the cafeteria. We talked about how the day was going and what she was learning. We discussed the kids that came in the cafeteria and which of the “big kids” she knew. We just chatted up a storm. It was simply delightful.

And somewhere in the conversation between bites I caught a glimpse of a little girl who was not so little any more. Where was the toddler and preschooler? How has almost six years passed so quickly? Through her facial expressions and in her eyes I could see flashes of the future. It was quite sobering. It was a wake up call. This cute little girl will soon be a lovely young lady who will become a beautiful woman. The challenge is that her beauty is something her Mom and I can influence. Yes, from a physical standpoint she will be beautiful like her mom, but we're looking for more. We're looking for beauty that comes from within. The beauty that Proverbs 31 calls excellent and worth more than rubies.

In that flash of a moment I realized that I must be intentional. Quiet conversations need to be filled with chit chat, but there must be more. There must be pointed character building questions and answers. I must help her understand where her beauty originates and how it is defined. These conversations will not happen magically or by chance. I need to prepared for every opportunity I get to help her in becoming the woman God has created her to be.

The truth is, God has given all of us opportunities like this with people in our lives. We make an impact on everyone we talk to. Sometimes we miss the opportunity and the person walks away thinking that we don't have much to say. Sometimes they walk away thinking we are foolish in what we share. But sometimes they walk away from our conversation and their lives are shaped forever by the words we just exchanged. If you want to be this person who makes an impact you must be intentional. How will you make your words count? How will you intentionally build someone up today?


Krista Button Harris said...

Wonderful blog Pastor Brandon! Wonderful, wonderful!!!!

Ricky said...

I see this so much in Allison also. My kids are getting older. The oldest is 29,then14,21 and 19 and Allison is 8. It all has seem to happen so fast i look back and see times when i should have use those moments that God gave me to use them for this very reason. I have breakfast with Allison every Tues and Friday morning at Highland. And it's always a treat for me and i always learn from her. THanks for the Blog...


lbarbour said...

Wonderful message in describing the time you spent with your daughter. I don't have children but am touched when I see a parent spending one-on-one time with a child giving that child undivided attention. God gives us that attention as we grow, learning, and sometimes stumbling.