Monday, September 28, 2009

You Will Leave a Mark

Do you ever wonder what your family or friends might write on your tombstone? You may have some things you hope they will write on it, but the greater mystery is to know what they would actually say about you. It will certainly be an indicator as to the kind of a mark you have left on them and this world. Clichés abound for the good we intend to do but never accomplish. So I’ll ask in a simple question. Will you be remembered as a person with many good intentions, or as a person of noble accomplishment?

Most likely, the latter is where you want to end up, and that begs the question, how do you get there? Before you can accomplish all of these deeds that will leave society better than you found it, you need to open your eyes and look around. As you drive around town do you think about what you could do to make this a better place to live? Too often we’re in such a rush to get from point A to point B that we never think of how we can make an impact on our families, our neighborhoods or our community. What could you do in your home that it would be a better place for all who live there? Unfortunately, we’re so self-absorbed that it is often major work to think of anyone other than ourselves. If you ‘re going to make a mark on the world you must start looking around, asking questions, and seeking out the needs of family, friends and fellow citizens. This work begins with a desire to care more for others than you care about yourself.

Yes, it will take sacrifice and effort, but all worthwhile projects include those characteristics. We have been created in the image of God. Jesus said that He did not come to Earth to be served, but to serve. We reflect His glory greatest when we think much of God and others and little of ourselves. Thinking and living this way does not make you worthless. In fact, you’ll find just the opposite to be true. Giving and serving lead to finding our greatest worth and accomplishment in life.

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Anonymous said...

So true. Most people are so concerned about their "to do" list they overlook others (it takes time to listen & assist others). Yes, the greatest joy comes from serving.