Monday, September 14, 2009

Satisfaction Sought

Why can’t I seem to find satisfaction? I’ve looked and looked, but every road seems to be a dead end,” she said, “I’ve been married more times than I care to remember and none of those guys delivered the love or joy they promised. How could they? They didn’t even stick around long enough to see if we could find it.”

Outwardly she looked fine. She was a model employee at work. She had even been recognized for her hard work ethic and high levels of achievement. But inwardly, she was a mess and she knew it. She lived with the fear of how their opinion would change if they knew that her hard work on the outside was only a cover for the pain on the inside. She couldn’t let them see. It must remain veiled. At times she didn’t know what was worse – the lack of satisfaction or the fear that her masquerade would be uncovered.

One day she struck up a conversation with a man at the water cooler. She was surprised that he was just talking to her as a friend. She was used to men always trying to lead the conversation in a way she was tired of going. He was different though. Over the months they would bump into one another at the water cooler and he would ask about her life, her family, her frustrations and he remembered them. From time to time she would be surprised by the way he remembered the details of her life. He seemed to care about her rather than what he might be able to get from her.

“Why is he different?”, she often wondered, “Why does he care?” He said it was because he had someone that cared deeply for him and he knew how important it was to be loved. He seemed to have joy and satisfaction she was always missing. He said it didn’t come easy. It wasn’t because his life was problem free. No, it was because he had a friend. Who was this friend? Was this friend looking for any other friends?

Being a pastor, you probably know where I am going with this story. Yes, I am headed toward Jesus Christ being this mysterious friend. The story above is an adaptation from the New Testament passage found in John 4:1-30. I would encourage you to read it and think about the satisfaction Christ offers. The satisfaction He offers is something we all long for. Do you have it?

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