Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Avoiding Easy Street

Sacrifice is not something we seek on a regular basis. At least I don’t. “How can I deny myself for the good of someone else?” That isn’t a question that automatically pops into my head. No, too often I am headed for that path of least resistance. You know, it is sometimes called Easy Street. Looking for that road today?

Yet, sacrifice often produces immeasurable results. Think about the results produced by your mother in giving birth. Her sacrifice was great and you have her to thank for your life. What about the sacrifice of teachers (whether in a classroom or not)? They pass on the wisdom and knowledge they have gained even when it is hard to show continual patience to the learner.

What about the sacrifice of the soldier? Remember the blood that has been shed and the life that been forfeited for the past three centuries by those wearing an American flag on their shoulder to provide the freedoms you enjoy. Soldiers, and their families, have given much for you to pursue this path of least resistance.

Which makes me wonder if I should be pursuing this path at all?

Think of the sacrifice of the man who is also God, Jesus Christ. He freely gave His innocent life so that we may find restoration and hope in Him. If even the Creator made a sacrifice, shouldn’t the creation? Are we above Him? If Jesus provided the example of the life that is pleasing to God, and it included sacrifice, shouldn’t I be considering how I might sacrifice for others?

It isn’t for me to tell you how to make a sacrifice for others in your life. It might be easier to figure out than you may think, though. Open your eyes. Take a look around your home. What might you do to help those that live there with you? What about in our community? Are there needs that you could meet? Yes, it might cost you money or time, but isn’t the difference worth the investment? What about in our state, this country or our world? It’s far easier to gripe than it is to make the sacrificial to bring change. But no one ever remembers gripers, do they? At least, not in a positive way.

In fact, I would encourage you to avoid Easy Street altogether. It only seems to be a dead end. Why not take a ride down Difficult Lane? It is more strenuous to navigate, but those who travel this road make a difference in life.

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