Monday, March 15, 2010

Knowing God

What can be known about God by observing nature? In Barren County we live in a beautiful area that is filled with mysterious caves, beautiful lakes and rivers and intriguing wildlife. Perhaps there are many people that would consider nature to be their sanctuary as its beauty brings hope and encouragement when we admire it.

On the other hand, we’ve experienced the shock of nature’s destruction. We’ve watched in awe as thousands have lost their lives and homes due to terrible earthquakes and resulting floods. It has been overwhelming to see the hopelessness and powerlessness of humanity over this destructive force that leaves us fearing aftershocks and recalculating the rotational axis of the Earth.

Quickly we learn about the creativity and the power of the Designer. We learn that He has a brush with a multitude colors and an imagination more vivid than any of us. We also learn that we are in need of a Protector who can shield us when nature shakes out of control. But does any of this truly help us to know Him?

Indeed, we can know about Him, but He desires more. And, deep down we all desire more. Maybe you’ve found yourself wandering the forest or fishing the shore as you claimed you were connecting with God. While those things are relaxing, they don’t allow us to truly know God. In those places we learn about God, but we don’t come to know Him.

Passages such as Matthew 11:25-30 tell us that ultimately God wants us to know Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. The Bible does not say that God reveals Himself to us most clearly in nature, but in the life of Jesus Christ. Passages such as John 3:16 help us realize that if we want to see God’s love fully demonstrated to us we must look to Jesus. We can see God’s love in the world that He has provided for us and in the protection He offers to us in the face of destruction, but we only truly receive His love when we turn to Jesus Christ. Keep nature in its proper place this spring. Enjoy its beauty. Celebrate the new life it represents. But be reminded that nature is only a reflection of its Creator.

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