Thursday, July 30, 2009

Risky Ventures

Once there was a man who was an aspiring seller of land and property. He had some success and was well respected by others in his town. He worked for his father in law who was happy to give him work. His father in law had become very wealthy, was very well known and was envied by many. There was a great cost for this success as the father in law had invested many years and sacrificed much of his life to achieve this success. Seeing all of this, the young man very much wanted to please his father in law with his own success. But deep down his real desire to was overshadow the success of his father in law with his own. Risky ventures would be required if this was to be accomplished.

One summer the father in law offered a dream vacation to his daughter and son in law. The young man greatly desired the trip because it would offer him access to a resort where many other successful businessmen traded business cards and money-making contacts. The only catch was that the young man would have to act as if he were his father in law. While the plan had its challenges, the young man was sure he could pull off the act. It wouldn't be an act forever, though. Once he sufficiently impressed these contacts he would reveal his true identity. Surely these prosperous partners would be swept away by his craftiness and would be won over to help him. They would become his instruments to increase his own wealth and notoriety.

Over the week there were many dinners and many rounds of golf. There were many laughs and many cigars. He was quite quick on his feet and was able to pull off the deception until the call came. He was called to the resort's front office and was told that his father in law had suffered a massive heart attack and died suddenly.

In an instant the joy of the week turned to dismay as the cover was blown. Why were they rushing away? Why was his wife so distraught? Those were the questions that were asked by the other vacationers. The couple offered little explanation as they quickly prepared for departure. But the lips of the administrative staff were not so tight. When the light of the truth hit the deception the true reality spread quickly to the guests.

And one more time the accomplishment of the father in law dashed the deceptive hopes of the young man.


Jerry said...

What is the old saying? You can fool some of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. This story truly reflects that saying. Missing your daily blogs, but understand completely. Hope your family gets settled back in your new home soon. Looking forward to Sunday with anticipation.

Karen Taylor said...

the light always reveals the darkness...whether it's a week or a lifetime! that is my prayer for myself...that HIS light would reveal all.